Sunday, 9 January 2011

Boys cards - Aaargh!

Hey Stampers!  I totally love that greeting and I hear it quite a lot when I'm trawling youtube looking for ideas.  That probably sounded wrong but I'm sure you have all done it.  Anyway the "Hey Stampers" greeting just sounds so chirpy & cute that I may have to steal, ahem, incorporate it into my blogs ;o)

My son Conal had a TWO birthday parties to go to today, a girls one and a boys one.  Girl cards aren't really a problem however I tend to struggle with male cards.  Having a peek through my stamp sets I spotted Beware Pirates and knew it would be perfect for a 6year old boy - now for the inspiration - youtube!  I found a couple of cards that I loved courtesy of Julie Kettlewell and it ended up being difficult to choose which one to send, result!

Here they are, aren't they fab?

And not to forget the little girls party, I created a cute little card using Make A Monster which was actually a lot of fun and was quite pleased with it....until we turned up and I realised it was a Prince & Princesses party - oops!  Dropped the ball there but hey we cant all be perfect, well not all of the time ;o)

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